TURN service into opportunity

Sell or purchase Diligence blockchain security services from our Web3 industry experts, such as blockchain and Solidity smart contract auditing, with TURN – the world’s first time-based services marketplace.

What is TURN?

TURN Tokens (Time-Unit Representative NFTs) are the foundation of a new open marketplace for buyers and sellers of Diligence smart contract security auditing, born from a shared vision for a more secure Web3 that advances the free market economy on blockchains.

In this new marketplace, Diligence smart contract audits and the specific time at which they are to be performed are sold as TURN tokens, creating greater opportunity and better incentives for providers, as well as clearer terms, prices and expectations for buyers.

Through fair market price discovery, TURN is the first token of its kind to quantify the immense value of smart contract and blockchain security audits.

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How the TURN marketplace works

Sold in a free and open marketplace, TURNs are especially crafted to allow optimal price discovery of service engagements and scheduling processes. Each represents a slice of time in a service provider’s workday and allow free market economics to price it.

Buy time-bound TURN tokens for specific dates and times during live auctions from Web3 industry professionals that meet your project goals.


Sell or trade TURN tokens in secondary markets. Providers benefit from market demand and price increases.


Redeem TURN tokens on their specific dates in exchange for time with Web3 industry experts.

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Featured Provider

Diligence blockchain security and Solidity smart contract audits

Consensys Diligence is the #1 blockchain security solution and has saved 100+ Ethereum companies over $25b in value by detecting vulnerabilities across the development lifecycle. Purchase time-based Solidity smart contract audits, custom property verification, or penetration testing with TURN tokens and get a detailed vulnerability report from experienced senior solidity auditors.

For more information visit consensys.net/diligence